The story starts with a wedding that is organised by Mansukh's (Himesh Reshammiya) father Champak Lal (Manoj Joshi). Champak pulled many strings for this marriage to happen, but his son, Mansukh, was heard by the whole crowd through a dropped microphone that the wedding was done for the girl.

After that the scene moves to a village where a few trucks, which carry smuggled loot, are raided by a cop called Bahattar Singh (Akshay Kumar) aka Khiladi 786. We come back to Mansukh, who is now kicked out of his house by his dad, is agitated to organise his own wedding. A car driven very fast by Indu (Asin) with a groom who wants to marry her. Coincidentally, Mansukh is there with his friend. An underworld don Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar's (Mithun Chakraborty) is Indu's brother and wants to get her married to a decent family. Mansukh promises that he will bring a groom within 10 days.

Mansukh leaves for the village where Bahattar is. It is revealed that Bahattar and his family are not cops but are acting as them. Mansukh doesn't know this. He lies about Tatya, that he is a cop as well. They accept and pretend to be cops. Indu doesn't like Bahattar because he is a cop and she already has a boyfriend Azaad (Rahul Singh). After a few tries to scare Bhattar, Indu decides to tell him that she has a boyfriend. Bahattar frees Azaad and brings him to Indu. Indu is told by Bahattar that he is not a cop. Indu realises that she loves Bahattar.

The wedding is commenced. After a few tries to stop the wedding after the truth is out, Azaad kidnaps Indu and takes her. Bahattar comes and rescues her and starts hitting Azaad. He is stopped by his lost brother Tehattar Singh (also Akshay Kumar). The family is reunited, the wedding finishes, and everyone is happy.

Khiladi 786
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