‘Khiladi 786’ has been made with the intention of grabbing the attention of the hardcore masses, hitting the ton [Rs 100 CR Club] and giving the tag of a 'Hit Machine' to its lead man, Akshay, who has delivered three solid hits this year. The first-time director throws every trick in the book to entice the spectator and moves on to the next scene, before the viewer gets the feeling of déjà vu. There's no denying that you actually enjoy certain moments in the narrative. The concept of having an African and Chinese in the family is so funny. Also, the lost-in-mela brother surfacing in the end may look ridiculous, but makes you smile again. In a nutshell, the film caters to the masala loving audience and the director has no qualms about admitting it. A must watch entertainer!

Khiladi 786
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