The story is set in contemporary India in a small town of Rajasthan. The plot is set to be of a coalition Government, troubled by corruption and communalism, is on the verge of collapsing due to fights within the coalition partners. All the ministers are making efforts to save the Government, but still it appears that the Government will fall.


In this time of political crisis the Prime Minister gets a call from one of his coalition partners who offer him the “perfect solution”. The solution is that Prime Minister should visit a Dargah popularly known as Peepal Wale Peer Ki Dargah in Fatehpur – a small town of Rajasthan. Prime Minister should offer a “chaddar” and bow his head in respect of the Peer and the Government would be saved.


Will a Prime Minister, fighting communalism, visit a Dargah to save his Government? Having exhausted all options, the Prime Minister decides to pay a visit to Peepal Wale Peer Ki Dargah in Fatehpur. Suddenly a sleeping town wakes up to welcome the Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister visits the Peepal Wale Peer Ki Dargah and by chance he meets a puncture wala – Aslam. The highest authority of the country meets the lowest denominator of the society. Some strange conversation follows between a Prime Minister and a puncture wala and entire nation is surprised to learn that a ‘puncture wala’ has been given Zed security by the Prime Minister!


What follows is a unique story of a common man with Zed security

Zed Plus
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