The movie revolves around three old men, Lalwani (alias Lali, played by Anupam Kher) is not happy with his wife (Rati Agnihotri), who is a staunch believer of God and doesn't spend time with him. Kamaldheer Sharma alias KD (Annu Kapoor) and is a bachelor for some unknown reason, while Pinky (Piyush Mishra) is secretly in love with a young Chinese woman, who only knows English but himself being uneducated, is unable to express his feelings. The three men plan a holiday to Mauritius to have some fun, where they meet Ahana (Lisa Haydon), who is a social networking addict and gets annoyed because her rival girls have more Facebook likes and her ex-boyfriend had been commenting and liking their posts. The three men try to impress her by pretending to like her collections made from weird things like animal body parts, which although are stingy, they pretend to like them by still complimenting her.



However, her Facebook obsession reaches heights and Ahana decide to commit suicide, but is interrupted when she sees her idol, Rajiv Bhatia alias Akshay Kumar (Akshay Kumar) shooting for a song. She tells the three men, how she's a huge fan of Akshay and wishes to meet him. The three men try to get her to meet Akshay, much to his disturbance.



Meanwhile, Akshay is revealed to be secretly an alcoholic, who drinks Alcoholic beverages filled in coconut, so that it appears like he's drinking coconut water. He agrees to work with Ranjit Basu (Subrat Dutta), a filmmaker, who is well known for his films earning more than ₹300 crores, and working with him would make Akshay, a better competitor to other superstars. However, Basu tells him, that he's not able to get in the character. The frustration of not getting into the required character and drinking too much alcohol causes Akshay to burst out in front of public and media on Pinky, who tells that Ahana had promised sex if he gets her to meet Akshay. Akshay publicly humiliates three men and Ahana, by calling them perverts and slut-shaming Ahana. But this however, backfires on him as he is a Public figure. Moreover, he realises his mistake when Lali's wife blames KD and Pinky for this.



This time, Akshay visits just when three men are about to leave, and asks them to forgive him and meets Ahana to apologise her. It is revealed that KD remained a bachelor because he loved Lali's younger sister, who is a divorcee but KD didn't want this to ruin his friendship with Lali. Akshay tells Ahana that to rectify his mistake, he has kept a conference and that he intends to correct their public image. He tells in the press conference that he is working in a film Alcoholic, and what he did earlier was a promotional strategy and Lali, KD and Pinky are his uncles and know him from past. He also tells that Ahana is the new heroine of the film called "Alcoholic". While the three men happily leave back to India. But Akshay finds himself even more frustrated when he isn't able to get a good shot from Ahana, although he somehow manages to shoot the title track.

The Shaukeens
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| 08 Nov 2014
Nothing special abt this movie except the lovely Lisa...
| 07 Nov 2014
Must watch........its full of masti and masala
| 07 Nov 2014