The dance sequences in the film seem so forced, that you don’t even find it funny when Sunny breaks into dance during a very crucial meeting regarding the ever-so-important paintings of Arbaaz Khan. The movie seems to be on such a low budget, that, they couldn’t even afford to get a real artist to paint, and instead stole some paintings from a school art room. Arbaaz Khan is as expected, dull, and definitely someone you don’t like seeing on the screen from time-to-time. The only good thing in this movie is Sunny Leone, and that too, not because of her acting skills, but, the smile. Just get online and look through her Instagram, that would be much more fun!

Aarushi Kohli
Hindustan Times

It’s another weird supernatural film featuring Sunny Leone. There isn’t anything to talk about its story, still I will enlighten you. Why should critics have all the fun? Sunny Leone exclaims with uncontrollable enthusiasm after seeing her portrait on Arbaaz’s tablet, “Tumne mujhe bina dekhe itni achchi tasveer kaise bana li (How did you draw such a beautiful picture without seeing me?). Err, shouldn’t you be worried about such a creepy situation? This review will be incomplete if I don’t tell you about the hanging mango. What exactly happens is that four people are running for their lives and enter a jungle. Suddenly one of them spots a mango and decides to eat it. The ghost can wait. One of them takes a bite and starts talking to the next person. I am yet to figure out why he left the mango mid-air after putting his teeth into it. The mango stays there and after a while starts to stare at them. Trust me, you haven’t seen so surreal in recent times. I got goosebumps after realising that it’s only been 15 minutes into it. From performing planchette to listening conversations via paintings, Tera Intezaar can entertain you at many levels. Just don’t doze off.

Rohit Vats
Tera Intezaar
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