The movie is a typical bollywood movie based on the most common storyline of the girl’d father wanting to marry her off to a boy that she is not in love with. Sweetiee Desai is a happy go lucky Gujarati girl of around 22 years, born to a wealthy business man of Vadodara. Her father is a jolly good person with only one ambition - to get his daughter married to an NRI from England. The reason being he was deported from the UK many years back and hence wants to see his daughter settled in the UK. But, the daughter is in love with a local boy who is in his final year of Mass Com but not an NRI.Everything is fair in love and war, or at least that’s how the saying goes. Our hero Akash (Kohli), an orphan, puts the saying into practice when he uploads a fake profile on a matrimonial site. Not that he means any harm. It’s just that he needs to convince his girlfriend Sweetiee’s (Afroz) father (Zariwala) that he’s the perfect partner for his daughter. Sweeties’s father fixes up her marriage with a family friend's son, only to find out that he has eloped with a white girl! Disheartened, he now wants to find a match for her anyhow, and hence takes the help of marriage portals. As all love stories go, there is the bad guy (Ankit Arora) trying to woo the leading lady too. This creates a scenario wherein Sweetiee’s father has to choose between our hero and the bad boy. Surprisingly, due to a cunning game played by the villain, daddy-dearest chooses him over Akash. The film reaches a highpoint in the pre-climax when baaraatis start running helter-skelter. The film still goes on and on needlessly leading to another bhagam-bhag style sequence which was indeed the finale. like any typical bollywood movie, Sweetiee’s dad realizes and accepts her love and marries her off to Akash.

Sweetiee Weds NRI
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