Second Hand Husband is supposed to be a Hindi comedy film but it’s more like Punjabi film with bright clothes, overdose of makeup and loud foot-thumping music.  All the songs are placed rightly in the plot and suit situations. You may also keep humming them even after you leave the theatre. Dialogues are fine, as a few one-liners sure make you laugh. Editing of the film could have been better. On the whole, Second Hand Husband can be watched if you are looking for some time pass this weekend, or else, if you are the intellect ones, this is just not your cup of tea.

Anuradha Kandhol
Mid Day

Second Hand Husband is definitely not a classic, but it manages to make you laugh out loud at some points, largely entertains and keeps you engrossed. That is a bit of an achievement for a film that comes with zero expectations.  There is absolutely no pretension as an average story told to us through some funny dialogues, happy characters and a typical Punjabi-ish loud music. In spite of the handicaps, the film manages to largely entertain, because of its child-like naive approach and also largely due to some intermittent funny dialogues.

Shubha Shetty Saha

Second Hand Husband employs the usual rom-com tropes that an average Hindi film of this genre thrives on. The film conveys its Punjabi-ness with foot-thumping music, good-humoured characters, loud makeup and bright clothes. Gippy Grewal is somewhat seamless yet mostly ineffective as the enterprising yet mild-mannered duty manager, debutante Tine Ahuja is stiff and stifled as his love interest. There is zero chemistry between the onscreen couple. But those moments are too few and far between to stand out in the presence of relatively more entertaining turns of Dharmendra, comedy heavyweight Vijay Raaz (as a widower cop desperate for a second chance at companionship), and Geeta Basra, who is gorgeous and displays better comic timing than Ahuja. Since this film comes from a predominantly Punjabi team, punches and running gags, even in their lack of novelty, are delivered with refreshing style unique to Punjabi actors and storytelling. Second Hand Husband may not exactly knock your socks off like Piku and Tanu Weds Manu Returns did but it’s a film devoid of pretences (if you can overlook the film’s gender politics and certain continuity fails) that entertains in parts.

Nishi Tiwari
The Indian Express

Within the first few scenes, it was clear that Tina Ahuja was a no-hoper. And that Grewal should go right back to doing what he does best. The rest are no better. Alok Nath sports an ingratiating grin. Ravi Kissen shouts at earth-shattering decibels. Rati Agnihotri appears off colour. Vijay Raaz seems to be the only trying to keep a straight face and struggle through. But what really broke my heart was Dharmendra. He has to play an ageing roue, coming over all creepy and flirtatious with women young enough to be his grand-daughters. And the way he is made to go about it makes him look scarily like one. No film is allowed to do this to He Man Dharmendra, First Rate Hero. No, just no.

Shubhra Gupta
The Times of India

Despite the lack of depth in terms of story or character building, Second Hand Marriage is fairly funny in portions, thanks to the antics of Dharmendra and a talented supporting cast comprising Vijay Raaz, Mukesh Tiwari, Ravi Kishan and Sanjay Mishra. Tiwari's wisecracks and Raaz as a lovelorn inspector in particular, are hilarious. Punjabi superstar Gippy, who debuts in Bollywood with this film seems overwhelmed by the seniors around. He seems comfortable playing second fiddle to Dharmendra. Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja too makes her debut here. She is confident, looks good but needs a meatier role to make her mark. Geeta Basra is pleasant in her new desi avatar. Harbhajan's cameo towards the end works in the film's favour as well. If you do not expect comedy to be too clever, you won't mind this old-school chaotic caper.

Renuka Vyavahare
Second Hand Husband
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