Piteous comedy and embarrassing script this is all we can say about ‘Santa Banta Pvt Ltd’. The movie is ‘waste’ of time and money. The script of the movie does not stand at any level in the Bollywood. It seems that this movie just kills the real meaning of the word ‘Comedy’. Music seems to be without harmony. It is immensely difficult to find a single point in the movie which could take the movie towards respectful verdict. We tried finding out any of the positive side of the movie, but we feel distressed in telling that we could not find any upper hand for the movie. This calls for one word ‘FLOP’. Do not watch it! Because it is not worth it!

Hindustan Times

This film is accused of hurting a certain community’s sentiments, and one wonders why. I’ll tell you why: Because it’s so lethargic and unfunny that the audience cannot wait for it to end. Of course, Santa-Banta jokes pepper this narrative, but the mere compilation of them does not work; they restrict the situational humour from blossoming. The screenplay is so shoddy that even Irani and Das seemed bored. The animation did little to enhance the film, almost reminiscent of films like Cash and Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, where CGI birds emoted better than humans. The songs come as a respite, but even they were loud and lacked context. To call it slapstick would be an insult to the audience’s sensibilities because the jokes are stale and the situations humourless. The real outrage here is how can someone make a story with Santa-Banta, the epitome of two-liners, such a lacklustre affair?

Rohit Vats
India Today

Recovering from the mind-numbing assault of Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 and Mastizaade was hard enough, now audiences have to deal with yet another deadly blow in Santa Banta. Santa Banta is the kind of film where supporting characters have to remind viewers that the heroes are "majakiyaan" [funny] which they clearly are not. Nothing makes sense here including the sudden shift to animated sketches and the ghastly use of green screen. Poor Lisa Haydon takes her part of a secret agent so seriously that she forgets that this is a comedy. But given that nothing about this film is even remotely funny, you can't blame her. Neha Dhupia screams her lungs out, perhaps venting her frustrations on being part of a bore of a film. Irani and Das stick out as sore thumbs as two Sikh buddies, struggling to uplift the proceedings. It's not entirely their fault for apart from bad casting, the film has a bad script with jokes that fall flat. But it does come with the odd warning sign. "Main toh pagal ho jaaoongaa," says one frustrated character. It is akin to what the audiences will feel after watching this film.

Suhani Singh

Santa Banta jokes have been done to death. But innocuous as they are, they haven't ever killed anyone. But this film, which uses the names of Santa and Banta to peddle its imbecile gags, is a cruel, potentially harmful joke. Why on earth has Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. been made? Keep guessing! It is mystifyingly bad: all noise, no poise. Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. is scattershot moviemaking at its very worse. Not for a single moment does the film offer the faintest glimpse of sanity. Looking for a story out here? It might be easier to find water in a parched desert. So, only 15 minutes into the film, the audience is ready to yell: Stop this nonsense! The only way to stop Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. from lunching an assault on your sanity is to steer clear. This is a film that has no saving graces at all: not worth wasting time or money on, even if you happen to be a diehard Boman Irani fan. Coming to think of it, Boman Irani admirers in particular should make it a point to stay away. Watching him being so summarily shortchanged by a spectacularly sloppy script isn't an edifying sight.

Saibal Chatterjee
The Times of India

This film gives annoying a new meaning. It takes special kind of talent to make something as boring, ridiculous, vain and unfunny as this. It will be blasphemous to call it a comedy. And the fact that it stars the funny guy Vir Das and the witty Boman Irani, is a shame. The lethargic writing and amateurish humour doesn't have a hint of vibrancy. It is as dull as dull gets and even triple strength Americano can't help you stay awake while watching this muddled mess. So what goes wrong? The story is implausible. Evidently, the writers took it for granted that the audience leaves behind their brains at home when they go to watch a film. What's worse is that the screenplay doesn't have an ounce of effervescence. They are flat lines, fashioned as jokes, strung together as screenplay and passed off as a film. The writers haven't wasted a single drop their ink or an iota of their grey matter in the script. Statutory warning : If you watch this film, the joke is on you.

Mohar Basu
Santa Banta Pvt Ltd
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| 23 Apr 2016