The slick action thriller ‘Rocky Handsome’, the remake of the popular Korean film, falls in the trap of making everything too complicated. You can give full marks to the spectacular stunts but it has no story. And to top it all, there is far too much violence than any ordinary person can handle. The idea of the director was to emphasize on making the strong connection between Rocky and the 8-year-old kid, but unfortunately, we do not get impressed by this connection. The urge of Rocky fighting for her really doesn’t feel believable. Another disappointing aspect of the script is Villains, who seem overly energetic and irritating. All in all, it is physically painful to sit through a film that had as much potential but fails to realize it. I would advise you to get the original South Korean film instead! John Abraham’s‘Rocky Handsome’ fails to hold our interest despite his earnest performance.

Vaishali Chaudhary
Hindustan Times

There are moments when you see director Kamat bringing out a different side of the gangsters. Some slow motion long shots are worth watching, especially those taken in the rain. Rocky Handsome may seem a jumbled up version of John Abraham to some, and this is the third time he is playing Kabir. Too much of self-introspection and alter ego, eh? John Abraham … err … Rocky Handsome is a very average film with some finely executed action sequences on display. But, make no mistake: Don’t expect anything more from this film.


Rohit Vats

Unapologetically gory and visceral, Rocky Handsome revels in relentless violence. But for a film about a 'trained assassin' and his bonding with a hapless child in desperate need of help, it is woefully low on emotional muscle. The result is a slick, stylistically derivative neo-noir thriller that is surprisingly humdrum. The screenplay (adapted by Ritesh Shah) takes inordinately long to provide clarity on the central character and his professional and personal antecedents. Rocky Handsome is a rare Hindi film that is set in the coastal state and yet stays away from the beaches. This 'nowhere man' seems intent on a slow, unsteady walk back to where he has come from. Nowhere. That pretty much sums up the film. Rocky Handsome is strictly for fans of ultra-violent action movies.

Saibal Chatterjee
The Indian Express

John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome is a ​double​: the screen splits into two, with both Rocky and Handsome ​come ​striding towards us, just in case we were confused. He ​only​ appears bad, see, he’s actually a good guy with a terrible past. The rest of the space is filled with an eight year old (Diya Chalwad) who’s made to talk like she’s double that, and given a relationship with our hero which is meant to tear you up, but feels faintly creepy. Which is meant to make up​ for the absence of a coherent story-line, dreary set pieces, and ​long stretches of people​ shooting at each other​!

Shubhra Gupta
Rocky Handsome
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