Rock On 2 is the sequel to the 2008 release Indian rock music drama Rock On, which was a youth-centric film and had beautifully delivered the passion for music and creating a band. The songs of the film became a huge sensation with the band, Magik, becoming an instant rage. Unfortunately, the sequel of the movie fails to impress us with the same Magik. The songs of the movie are less impactful. Only the original title track managed to impress us. Shot in Shillong the movie has some picturesque scenes but the cinematography lacks perfection. Farhan Akhtar has done an amazing job and all the actors have done justice to their roles. Moreover, Rock On 2 is a movie that's about a rock band and has music as its theme but doesn't promise an extraordinary soundtrack and it adds on to the negative points of the movie. Overall, the story fails to spread the Magik! If you’re a music lover you may like it instead of the less impactful music, else you can give it a miss!

The Indian Express

Rock On 2 was all about a generation, about love, about growing up, even chasing dreams. But this time round, Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli film has other plans in place. It’s not that the characters of Rock On 2 aren’t keen to break into one either – on the contrary, the desperation to do that every time the film sags is quite evident, as is the tendency to hark back to the golden time of eight years ago. It’s that it’s hard to decipher what any of those songs are trying to say through lyrics that are a lot of heavy-minded words thrown together and floundering in their own depth. The only time Rock On 2 hits some ‘Magik’ – the name of their band, remember – is when it lets its hair down and sings, decked all Beatles-style, at a perfect wedding, ‘You know what I mean?’. Do you? Know what I mean?

Shalini Langer
The Times of India

While most sequels are remakes of the original, credit goes to Shujaat Saudagar for showcasing a new chapter in the lives of the members of ‘Magik’, the Rock band that caught our fancy eight years ago. The cult musical drama swayed the aficionados of Hindi film songs, luring them to rock music. Overall, acting is one of the highlights of the film with Farhan, Purab and Arjun in particular, being extremely effective. Also, the script is a major downer. It is way too contrived, directionless and morose to hold your interest. With no strong conflict point to hold it all together, the story goes haywire. The narration tries too hard to manipulate your feelings and spoon-feed emotions by explaining the unsaid thoughts of the characters, depriving you the joy of discovering it for yourself. The music is shockingly weak. Barring the Usha Uthup track, it is not a patch on the former's iconic tracks.  Having said that, we are still open to a third instalment, provided Magik finds a valid reason to reunite. After all, music needs to come from the heart for you to feel it.

Renuka Vyavahare
Rock On 2
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