Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) lives life king size in Al Shifah and has a yearning desire to return to Handiya in India some day, the town he grew up in and from where he had to flee once he and brother Ranchod Singh (Milind Gunaji) were framed as traitors. His brother had been murdered, so Shamsher had escaped with Ranchod’s widow and, therefore, his own sister-in-law, Sumitra (Nishigandha Wad), and little nephew, Sikander Singh (master Mannan Handa). Shamsher had packed off Sikander to Beijing. In keeping with the custom, he had married Sumitra who had then delivered his twins, Sanjana and Suraj. Shamsher’s bodyguard and Man Friday is Raghuvendra Singh (Sharat Saxena).

Years have passed. Shamsher’s biggest enemy is Rana (Freddy Daruwala). Shamsher Singh dotes on Sikander (Salman Khan), which, obviously, doesn’t go down well with Shamsher’s biological children, Sanjana (Daisy Shah) and Suraj (Saqib Sal­eem). Sikander has a bodyguard, Yash (Bobby Deol), who shares an unbreakable bond with Sikander. The two, in fact, are like brothers.

Sikander meets Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez) in Beijing, has a brief romantic fling with her before she simply disappears after a night of passion. Jessica reappears in Al Shifah as the girlfriend, Yash has been talking about. Sikander is perplexed and confronts Jessica. What happens thereafter? Does Jessica return to Sikander or does she continue her affair with Yash?

One day, Brijesh (Rajesh Sharma), an old friend of Shamsher, comes to Al Shifah from India and gives him proof of incriminating evidence against many ministers in compromising positions with call girls. According to Brijesh, the evidence is on a hard drive which is lying in a bank locker in Cambodia. He asks Shamsher to lay his hands on the hard drive and promises to open the hard drive with the code known exclusively to him – for a hefty sum of money, of course! Using this evidence to blackmail the ministers involved, Shamsher Singh could call them all to Al Shifah and enter into a deal whereby he would destroy the evidence if they cleared his and his family’s name so that he could return to Handiya.

Shamsher Singh agrees. He appoints Sikander to get hold of the hard drive. On his part, Sikander takes Yash, Suraj and Sanjana with him to accomplish the mission.

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