Shinaya Grover (Manjari Fadnis), an extremely noble-hearted television journalist, is arrested for a murder. Investigating police officer Lokhande (Arbaaz Khan) interrogates her. He is known to be ruthless in his questioning. Also, Lokhande is known never to punish someone who is not guilty, and leave anybody who is guilty. Shinaya keeps repeating that she has been framed but Lokhande is not prepared to believe her till her husband, Gautam Grover (Ashmit Patel), reaches the police station and confesses to the crime. He tells Lokhande that he was in a relationship with their PG, Ada Saxena (Maheck Chahal), and had murdered their neighbor, Rana (Mukul Dev), because he was blackmailing him with a video of him (Gau­tam) and Ada in a compromising position. Since Shinaya had also told Lokhande about Gautam’s extra-marital affair with Ada, and about Rana blackmailing her with the video, she now tells him that the murder had been committed by her and not by Gautam. She explains that in return for the video, Rana had tried to rape her (Shinaya) and that she had killed him in an act of self-defence. Shinaya’s finger prints had also been found at the place of the murder, which was Rana’s house. This had led to her arrest in the case. However, the weapon used for the murder is missing.
There are other suspects too – Ada Saxena, Rana’s wife, Durga (Shilpa Kadam), who Rana used to physically and mentally abuse, Durga’s brother, Raj Bhosle (Aastad Kale), who had had a terrible fight with Rana around the time he was murdered, because he had seen Rana beating up his sister, and others too. Finally, the matter reaches the court. Perhaps, for the first time in his career, Lokhande is unable to prove who has committed the crime. Ultimately, Shinaya is acquitted.

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