‘Mumbai Delhi Mumbai’ is a romantic comedy and has been adapted from Satish Rajwade’s Marathi film ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’. It is a story about two people who meet as strangers in the morning and end up as lovers at dusk and everything that transpires in between! It showcases this love-hate relationship but in a fresh and quirky way which is spiced with witty dialogues. The movie is a low budget movie, with trivial star value in it; hence the kind of presentation it should be able to make before the audience was really poor. Both the actors are new and their acting performances are not seen that impressive. Also, the scripts sound too low and half baked one, and nothing really interesting embarks in terms of screenplay and story. Other elements like direction, music and editing too witness a number of laws, which we can expect from the novices and newbie in the Bollywood industry. The lyrics though were soulful, but the music failed to package it for the audience, thus making the movie fall flat on the ground. The two lead actors along with the others too were average, giving less room to appreciate, forget about making good revenue over the box office.

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai
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