Emraan's Mr X fails to grab attention of its audience. The movie turns out to be a boring two hour business and is underrated. Only Arunoday Singh plays his part well and he stands out only because the rest of the star cast fails to impress with their act.. Watch Anil Kapoor’s classic Mr. India on a DVD instead of Mr X!

Anuradha Kandhol

Vikram Bhatt's flashy film (released also in 3D in case one is interested in third-degree torture) runs for over two hours but does not come up with even two-and-a-half scenes that can pass muster. Mr X is a puerile thriller and a risible revenge saga with a dash of random sci-fi thrown into the pot. The end result is a deadly boring mish-mash.

Saibal Chatterjee
The Times of India

Mr. X is watchable and engaging but shows spark in parts. It has a solid story in place, but the sharp twists fail to maintain the consistency of the drama. However, what works in this film is its intention to deliver something different. Despite flaws, in its 133 minutes of runtime, Bhatt churns out a quasi-gratifying film, which has all the necessary commercial ingredients - from romance to good music to thunderous action sequences.

Mohar Basu
Mr X
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