The film starts off with Sreenath Prasad a.k.a. Seenu(Varun Dhawan) kidnapping his professor's daughter and threatening him to give him an A+ in his report. Seenu's dad learns of this and taunts his son about how stupid, useless and an idiot he his. Seenu is very upset about this and goes to Bangalore to get a degree and prove to his dad that his is not an idiot. On the train to Bangalore, Seenu saves a girl named Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) and her friends from a bunch of goons. Ayesha straightaway falls for him.., but Seenu is unaware of this, and just gets off the train at his station. He joins a university. This time Seenu saves a different girl named Sunaina (Ileana D'Cruz) from a corrupt police officer threatening Sunaina to marry her. This time Seenu and Sunaina both fall in love with each other. The corrupt police officer Angad (Arunoday Singh) comes to know of this and arranges a deal with the Asia's biggest don Vikrant Singhal (Anupam Kher) to get Seenu killed. It is then revealed that Vikrant is Ayesha's dad and he is under the control of his spoilt daughter. Ayesha tells her dad that this is the boy she loves and she wants to marry him. Angad tells the don to get Sunaina kidnapped so Seenu can come and get her and then the don can capture Seenu and then Angad will come and pick up Sunaina. Sunaina is kidnapped and Angad and Seenu both turn up at Vikarant's house at the same time. Seenu agrees to marry Ayesha but asks for 10 days so he can think of some plan to escape with Sunaina can get along with Ayesha. Now Angad, Seenu, Ayesha and Sunaina are all living in the same mansion. One night Seenu goes into Sunaina's room without anyone noticing and tells her that he only agreed to marry Ayesha so Vikrant doesn't kill him, and he has got a plan that will make Ayesha want to marry Angad and not Seenu. The next day Seenu tells Ayesha that he is not the right one for her and if she sees a boy and hears her heart ringing bells that means she is in true love with that boy. The innocent Ayesha falls in Seenu's lie. That same night Seenu hides in the house temple where there is a loud bell. He purposely puts banana skins on the step. When Ayesha is walking down the stairs she slips and luckily Angad is there to save her. Seenu is watching all of this and rings the temple bell. Ayesha thinks that her heart was ringing and falling in love with Angad. Ayesha tells her dad that she wants to marry Angad and not Seenu. Vikrant has to listen to his daughter and agrees. Vikrant himself tells Seenu that he can now marry Sunaina. The two couples are married on the same day and time

Main Tera Hero
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