Going by the title, it’s quite evident that this film is all about a girl’s pursuit of her ideal man. But it isn’t! ‘Main Aur Mr Right’ has much more to offer owing to several interesting elements, not just in terms of its story, that come across as a whiff of breath air. It essentially belongs to Aliya Raj (Shenaz Treasuryvala), who is self confessedly synonymous with style, class and perfection (all in bold capital letters), including the sandwich that she makes. The sad part is that actors fizzle out either due to lack of depth in execution or plain ignorance concerning stark loopholes. A tighter film, featuring actors who can actually act, would have served the script better. In an ideal world, this film would have surpassed 1.5 hours runtime. Since we don’t live in an ideal world, it runs for more than two hours and can be a miss without any regret!


The Indian Express

Barun Sobti gets the hungry-actor look right, but Shenaz Treasurywala needed to be deeper.

Shubhra Gupta
The Times of India

Barun Sobti probably the only saving grace of this film. Perfectly cast as a diehard Salman Khan fan. Shenaz Treasuryvala fits the role too, but her character is poorly written.

Renuka Vyavahare
Zee News

It’s one of the disastrous rom-coms of the year – clearly worth a miss.

Letty Mariam Abraham
Main Aur Mr. Riight
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