Undoubtedly, music by Sujeet Chaubey, Afroz Khan and Dushyant is catchy and melodious .Paras sleepwalks through his double role without showing any prowess whatsoever as an actor, Sara Khan has been wasted in a role that just does not require her at all. The biggest minus of the film is its producer M.A. Guddu who is wooden to the core. One fails to understand what on earth prompted actors like Kiran Kumar and Milind Gunaji to essay parts which are minuscule and does not warrant their presence. Raju Kher and Shiva just ham throughout. Lack of continuity, a convoluted screenplay and jaded editing mars the fluidity of the film. Direction by Braj Bhushan is listless. To sum up, if you want to hear catchy songs and also see a skimpy Sara Khan indulging in countless lip locks with her real life boyfriend Paras Chhabra, go and watch the film. 

M3-Midsummer Midnight Mumbai
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