Lateef (Nawazuddin Siddique) is a middle class youngster whose dream is to become a doctor... He gets caught in drug raid where he was just present without knowing the fact... he is jailed & when he returns back after seven years of punishment his whole life & future is ruined... ACP Sawant (Mukesh Tiwari) wants to wipe out drug peddling but he has to face obstacle from corrupt minister (Akhilendra Mishra) & drug mafia Zafar Dongri (Murli Sharma)... on the other side Lateef is in delima what to do or not as he looses his mother... drug is spreading like cancer in society & destroying life of those who comes into clutches of drugs... Lateef too opts for drugs out of frustration... whether he is able to come out & fight back is all about Lateef... dwapar.

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