‘Krrish 3’ is one of the most expensive films produced in India. It retains the story of noble versus sinful, but Roshan Sr. makes sure he renews and revamps the latest instalment -- adding the evil mutants to fight the superhero, garnishing the plot with loads of visual effects, et al -- attempting to match the superhero flicks that arrive from Hollywood. The essence remains the same: the superhero has to save the planet from destructive forces. The difference lies in the fact that Roshan Sr. envelopes the typical Indian emotions with technology to tug at your heartstrings and win you over. It is a technical marvel and all those doubting whether the home-grown superhero and visual effects would really match up to the international levels or look outright tacky would stand vanquished. Watch it to believe it, is all I'd say!

Krrish 3
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