‘Kahaani’ is a commanding story, has an authoritative central character, and has several dominant and thought-provoking moments, which makes it an all-persuasive film. It is a captivating recount from its commencement to conclusion. Sujoy has fashioned enough scenes around the plot that keep the viewer on the edge. Besides, fragments of tongue in cheek humour pop up when you least anticipate to liven up the solemn plot. Yet, the storyteller never deviates from the fundamental sombre remise. His attempt in infusing drama and pace in the narrative makes the movie accessible to the mainstream spectators. Vidya Balan, the supremely talented actress delivers a performance that's at par with her former accomplishments. She, very nonchalantly, re-evaluates screen acting in ‘Kahaani’. All in all, the flick works big time because Vidya Balan makes it come alive! A must watch movie!

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