Kaabil is a romance-thriller genre movie directed by Sanjay Gupta featuring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam in the lead roles. The story revolves around a blind professional dubbing artist, Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik) who falls in love with a blind piano player, Supriya Sharma (Yami), and they decide to get married. While leading a fun-filled married life, a tragedy occurs wherein Supriya is raped by the local politician Madhavrao Shellar’s (Rohit Roy) brother, Amit Shellar (Rohit Roy). To avenge his lover’s murder, Hrithik turns into a vendetta and makes the life of the bad brothers miserable. The movie has many stellar moments, and an awesome performance by Hrithik, being a vulnerable lover turned unforgiving killer. All in all, Kaabil is a must watch for all those who believes in love and truth. Don’t miss out on this, because Hrithik Roshan will surely surprise you with his scintillating performance! Yes you will love him like anything, and especially the chemistry between him and Yami Gautam is amazing. The movie has rightly explained that, true love knows no boundaries. Rakesh Roshan has made sure that, you will leave the theatre with a good memory. So, go and grab your movie tickets for a high-on-emotions and 'Paisa-Vasool' movie.

Aditi Gupta
Hindustan Times

Specially-abled people often struggle with the system, particularly societal injustice and apathy. Few dare to confront their antagonists head on. But desperate times demand desperate measures. Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Gupta consciously don’t project Rohan Bhatnagar as someone you should pity. This works and you realise this is the story of an underdog you want to win. But you need more than a few ‘Kamzor mat samajh’ kind of dialogues to completely root for Rohan. So the director allots more screen space for the techniques used by Rohan Bhatnagar. It’s a nice way to take the story forward because Kaabil, in a way, is a mixture of two genres of films. If the first half is packaged as a love story, the second half is more of an action film. The tone of the film takes a hit because of the emphasis on the love story. The flashbacks are also restrictive. With a fierce antagonist, they might have gone all the way. Sometimes it looks too scripted and ‘too easy to be true’ story. Going all out on revenge might have helped Kaabil appear like a ‘different’ film. Barring the regular approach to filmmaking, Kaabil embellishes Hrithik credential as a fine action hero. Kaabil is not extraordinary, but it has all the elements of a ‘masala’ potboiler. The catch is that it’s been dished out in a typical Bollywood style which may not give it a novelty. But there isn’t any particular reason for not watching it.

Rohit Vats
India Today

The film feels too good to be true after a certain point. Sanjay Gupta tries and tells his story well. There are several hitches that the viewer needs to deal with in this ride that he or she embarks on, much like Gupta's protagonist. Kaabil is extremely stretched, several scenes are forced, several others out of place. The remixed Saara Zamana has absolutely no business being in the film. If Kaabil works, it is because of its lead actor. Hrithik Roshan is a delight to watch. He overdoes some bits, but is mostly believable. His chemistry with Yami Gautam will not make you hoot for the couple. Yami Gautam, on her part, is passable. The villains in the film, Rohit and Ronit Roy, ham their way through Kaabil. Maybe that makes it easier for the audience to clap and whistle when they are beaten around by Hrithik. Credit where it is due, Kaabil is a thorough crowd-pleaser. Most of the applause and wolf-whistles are courtesy Hrithik Roshan, not the story or execution of Kaabil. The songs hardly leave a mark on your mind. Except Mon Amour, where you get to see Hrithik displaying his enviable dance moves. Watch Kaabil for Hrithik Roshan, who deserves an extra star above the 1.5 to the film. There's not much else in Kaabil.

Ananya Bhattacharya
The Times of India

Revenge is a dish best served blind is the message Kaabil serves up. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood’s Blind Fury (1989) with Rutger Hauer in the lead and even borrowing shades of the Korean super hit, Broken (2014), Sanjay Gupta gives you a Bollywood adaptation that is entertaining and effective. The highlight of the film is Hrithik’s bravura performance. He is vulnerable as a lover and menacing as a killing-machine. Half a star in the movie-rating is reserved for his all-time best performance here. Yami provides the perfect foil, subtle and super-effective. Technically the film is adept, Thanks to masters like Sudeep Chatterjee (camera) and Resul Pookutty (sound). However Rajesh Roshan’s yesteryear hits—Saara Zamana and Dil Kya Karen in their remixed avatars are pale imitations of their original versions.

Meena Iyer
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Must Watch!!
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Worth watching it at least ten times!! Awesome performances and music!
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