Aaj Tak

Hey Bro is the weakest film based on the topic of Twin Brothers. It may be a comedy film as per Director but there is not a single moment where you will laugh

Sandeep Kumar Sinha

Hey Bro, don't watch this pointless and amateur movie! There’s no comedy, no story line, in short there is nothing worth watching in it. Give it a miss!

Anuradha Kandhol

Hey Bro is a sad excuse for a movie. There is nothing of value in it. No joke, no scene, no song really stands out and when it does, its for all the wrong reasons. There are zero reasons for one to subject oneself to this torture. Steer clear of this one

Sidhant Shori
Times Of India

It's almost brutal to put one through the trauma of watching this film. At best, Hey Bro can be called a mind numbing experience. Anyone who has seen it cannot be more subtle in putting across this lingering feeling

Mohar Basu
Hey Bro
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