The best thing that could be said about Heropanti is that it is not as terrible as Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar films. The second best thing about it is that Tiger Shroff may be effeminate, but he’s a likable guy who can do some truly amazing stunts. This is where the positive aspects of Heropanti end, because everything else in the movie is a raging river of stupidity. The daughter of a Haryanvi goon (Prakash Raj) runs away with her lover, so the goon decides to kidnap the friends of the lover. One of the friends includes Bablu (Shroff), an ultra muscular head and shoulders model who develops the hots for the goon’s other daughter (Sanon) and it frames the entire plot of the film. As the characters glide through the tedium a bunch of random songs and unrelated plot contortions take place in the background. It all leads up to a finale that offers a few casual fight scenes and a DDLJ homage of a finale that'll have you wondering why did i watch this movie!


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| 04 Jul 2014