‘Gabbar is Back’ is the story of Aditya played by Akshay Kumar, a professor who dreams of creating awareness among the youth and turning them into ‘doers’ instead of being ‘watchers’ of the rotten system of corruption. He is a professor at National College, which seems more like a hypothetical college where no police can enter. ‘Gabbar is Back’ is an entertaining movie but has quite many loopholes.  If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar and full on action packed movies. This movie is a treat for you.

Anuradha Kandhol
Hindustan Times

Gabbar Is Back is a full on ‘masala’ film with a lot of applause worthy scenes.  Akshay steals the thunder with his wisecracks: Naam se villain, kaam se hero. The film’s screenplay has flaws but its pace covers up for most of the glitches. A deliberate attempt to present Akshay Kumar as the combination of Bhagat Singh and a modern day leader is visible from the very first scene. He has borrowed Amjad Khan’s beard and even though his political leaning are too filmy, somehow he has carried it off

Rohit Vats

This Gabbar is a damp squib. Not only does he lack the pull and power of Hindi cinema's most memorable baddie, even the half-baked homilies that this holier-than-thou terminator of the corrupt mouths reeks of staleness. Clearly, nobody put the makers of this film through the paces. They might have then known how to make the best of their limited cinematic resources and craft something less mucky. Watch Gabbar Is Back only if you are a diehard Akshay Kumar fan.

Saibal Chaterjee

Gabbar Is Back, stupid enough to be outlawed. Stay away from theatres, I’d say. 50-kos away.

Raja Sen
The Indian Express

Akshay Kumar does everything he has done before and not one thing new. There’s a vigilante on the loose who likes swooping upon the dirty and the corrupt and putting the spotlight on them. That, in one thin line, is the plot of the latest Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gabbar is Back’. The film shows up severe limitations all around, of the juiced-out South -‘masala’-genre. Can Bollywood please, please stop making these tired, tiresome remakes? And let sleeping Gabbars lie?

Shubhra Gupta
The Times Of India

Akshay Kumar has a blast playing Gabbar who, with dark, wavy hair and bristly beard, has never looked hotter. With twinkling eyes and deadpan face, Akshay delivers dynamite dialogues - 'Naam se villain, kaam se hero', flawless bone-breaking action, redefining PWD ('power-wala danda'), switching from loose-limbed vulnerability to jaw-clenched intensity in a flash.The story powers him with its novel concept and contrasts. With gritty reality, Gabbar has glamour too - Shruti charms with her soft, pretty appeal while a cameo by Kareena adds sheen but doesn't divert. EXPLOSIVE GABBAR WILL ROCK THE BOX OFFICE - AGAIN!

Srijana Das
Gabbar is Back
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Gabbar is Back