For film critics, movies like Fugly are nothing less than distressing! A bunch of haywire newbies find themselves lost in a plot that is ridiculous and lame which kills you by the end. If by God’s grace you survive the slang talk and sleaze show, the climax murders you. It is a plain, flat and bad film that must be avoided under every circumstance. Fugly must mean trash because it is devoid of soul. This movie will leave you mind-fug lied and I assure you that’s a state hard to overcome. Unlike films of its ilk, which tend to get dark, gory and predictable after a point, Kabir Sadanand smartly uses sub-plots and characters so that the film doesn't steer into the foreseeable zone. In addition, Kabir invests in drama and the emotional bond amongst friends to make the proceedings captivating, but at the same time, makes the road back from hell compelling and lifelike. The film's key weapon, besides drama, is its soundtrack and Kabir makes sure he places the songs neatly in the narrative. On the whole, Fugly is relatable that portrays several episodes that mirror the realities and the problems the youth encounter in the present times. A decent entertainer!


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| 27 Jun 2014