In the movie Akhil (Akshay Kumar) faces failures at every step towards success. He does some petty jobs all to support his ailing father who is admitted in hospitals from months but Akhil (Akshay Kumar) overhears his father in the hospital explaining to a hospital nurse that he has a passion for easy life so he pretends to be ill to achieve comforts,


Akhil gets the biggest shock when he hears his father saying that ‘Akshi is not his son’ and this father (who is admitted in the hospital) had actually claimed him as his son in a train accident to gain more compensation from the government.


And then later Akhil gets to know that his real father is the richest diamond merchant, ‘Pannalal Johri’ who had actually cheated his mother. Akhil gets over excited while hearing this and then he goes to break this news to his pal ‘Krishna’ whereas his pal before hearing out Akhil, breaks the news that the multi millionaire tycoon ‘Pannalal Johri’ is dead.


Akhil becomes so sad but his sadness gets overwhelmed when he comes to know that pannalal Johri has no heir and he would definitely be the ‘official waaris’ of the tycoon. Akhil breaks this news to his girlfriend’s (Tamannaah) father who on hearing this suddenly starts saying Akhil as his ‘Jigar Ka Tukda’.


Akhil then attends his father’s funeral and shed fake tears but is all smiling from inside. Akhil then gets the biggest shock when the family lawyer informs him that his father has willed his entire property to his one and only faithful Dog – Entertainment.


Akhil then cries hard in front of his friend who gives an idea of killing the dog as the dog was living Akhil’s life and Akhil is living the life of a dog.


The plan to eliminate the dog is chalked out for which Akhil has to be close to the dog, so Akhil coaxes the family Lawyer to give him a job at his father’s place. The family lawyer appoints him as the caretaker of the dog. Akhil and his friend roll out plans to kill the dog in such a way that it appears like an accident but the dog in return turns out to be more intelligent than them.


Does the Dog died in the end? Who gets the entire Pannalal Johri’s Property?

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