Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer ‘Dishoom’ has turned out to be one of the best “masaledaar” flicks of the year. A pat on Rohit Dhawan's back for the perfect casting. The oven-fresh pairing of Varun with John is the highlight of the film. The stunts of the film are breathtaking and we have to appreciate Varun & John for doing that 'helicopter' scene. There are also never-seen-before bike stunts in the movie which will surely impress the stunt lovers. While the film rides delightfully in the first half, the trouble begins post interval. With every predictable scene, the film is a little more derailed. The climax is a little lackluster but committed performances help the show sail through well. But Rohit Dhawan doesn't allow you to ponder much on the pitfalls. There are fashionable fiestas, drool worthy men, dangerous chases and a menacing villain. He has directed the movie according to the taste of the majority of Bollywood lovers! In spite of a poor script and a series of plot holes, he tried his level best to make this film an entertaining one. It keeps you glued to the screen. It's fast-paced and you are hooked to it from the first scene.If you are looking for entertainment, you can easily put this movie on your watch list. And if you are a die-hard fan of Varun or John, then what are you doing here? Go and book your tickets for ‘Dishoom’!

India Today

Rohit Dhawan and Tushar Hiranandani's story is paced well. With not too many songs, Dishoom moves at a commendable speed. The screenplay has loopholes, but the story doesn't meander from the course a lot. Dishoom deserves accolades for the slickly choreographed action scenes. The chase sequences are fun to watch. The lavishly done helicopter chase deserves a special mention. John Abraham as Kabir is perfect with the gun and punches. He breaks bones with ease, and has a grumpy expression permanently stamped on his face. Kabir softens himself only for Junaid, who he develops a soft corner for during the course of the film. Varun Dhawan's Junaid is affable at times and (deliberately?) annoying at others. Dhawan's comic timing calls for much applause. Jacqueline doesn't make much of an impression, but does what she is expected to: be around the men as a pleasant distraction. In his few-minute long cameo, Akshay Kumar takes the cake. His man-bun, the shaved legs. And Akshay Kumar in a skirt. Kumar is required to be the stereotypical Bollywood homosexual , with the effeminate mannerisms et al. And Kumar is perfection. Ayanaka Bose's camera captures the beaches and landscape of the Middle East with expertise. Nitin Rokade and Ritesh Soni have done the editing bit well. The film doesn't feel stretched at any point. Pritam delivers his usual peppy numbers. Sau Tarah Ke is a hummable track. Dishoom, however, despite its decent-enough story, doesn't quite make a mark on the mind. The film is a crowd-pleaser, especially when Saare Jahan Se Achha plays in the background and you need to deal with the goosebumps. Watch the film for its comedy and action.

Ananya Bhattacharya
The Indian Express

Dishoom rejigs the buddy cop movie, with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan being assigned to the Case Of A Vanishing Indian Cricketer. The film is fashioned as a fast-paced caper. It’s got flash but the plot keeps stuttering and stops the film from really zip-zap-zooming. Varun Dhawan and John Abraham’s bro-time is matched by the comely female company they get in the shape of Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri. Dishoom’s villains are a letdown, not even properly evil in a matching comic-book way. Neither Rahul Dev nor Akshaye Khanna have any menace: for fellows who keep threatening to off their victims, they are curiously minus impact. And that’s what ails the film as a whole. It comes alive only in bits and pieces: Akshay Kumar’s cameo, for instance, as a pouting-selfie-clicking man bun is a hoot. Some of the Abraham-Dhawan bro-time is okay too, but borrows from the ‘Men In Black’ duo Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the way they, Kabir and Junaid, go about addressing each other, yes, K and J. The rest is a stretch.

Shubhra Gupta
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| 07 Jul 2016
Waiting for u baby
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Waiting for u baby