‘Direct Ishq’ turns out to be a comedy film more than romance, with its English dialogues. The aspiring singer in the film makes you lose love for English with its under-rated songs. The dance sequence in the film equally lacks good choreography. The story is predictable and poor alongside visuals of Banaras and Bombay which again is not so impressive. If you want to know and can’t predict who gets the girl then Google it but don’t watch it. Too much of Love & Ishq can be harmful!


With a poorly written and predictable story and screenplay, replete with cliches and humour, Direct Ishq gets nowhere even after it is over. Even the love story appears confused. The characters are flimsy, paper thin and trite. The situations in the film with the hero and his set of lackeys are oft-seen. The dialogues brimming with English words intended to be funny, end up having the opposite effect. Although the heroine is supposed to be an aspiring singer, the music in the film is third rate and jarring to the ears. The production values are poor and give the film the feel of a low cost B-grade film. The opening sequence with montages of Varanasi in all its glory, is perhaps the only treat for the eyes. To know who finally gets the girl, watch Direct Ishq at your own risk. This over two-hour saga is an absolute eyesore and makes for tedious viewing. It is a far cry from the rom-com it is touted to be.

Troy Ribeiro
The Times Of India

One would not expect much from a film which boats of a title like that and it helps. At least there's a 'direct' clarity of thought. It's formulaic, predictable and its masala sensibilities may cater to the single screen audience only. Despite having it all - romance, action, comedy, decent actors to convey those emotions, the film fails to hold your attention on various grounds. The music is equally forgettable. Unless you are the type who must know who gets the girl in the end, you'll probably skip this one. Enough of ishq for the week already!

Renuka Vyavahare
Direct Ishq
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