‘D Day’ is like yet another gangster film, but it's not. The plotline of ‘D Day’ conjures up memories of the 2012 film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which was about the manhunt for the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. However, the similarities between the two films end there. The film is gritty and hard-hitting, but most importantly, it's an earnest attempt. The setting appears authentic, the sequence of events is well connected and the implementation of the written material is compelling. Not once do you feel that Nikhil bites off more than he can chew. It tackles a knotty issue and it's imperative that Nikhil stays close to authenticity. The demanding plot and the edgy, gritty and raw situations, besides the ambience, make this espionage thriller so different from the gangster films we have witnessed on the Hindi screen thus far. The flick has an ensemble cast, but the scene stealer is, without doubt, Rishi Kapoor. The veteran continues to push boundaries, challenging himself and astonishing the spectators. On the whole, ‘D-Day’ is what a well-made thriller ought to be -- taut, transfixing and spellbinding, with an astounding finale. Don't miss this high-octane thriller!

D Day
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