Boss is a clear departure from previous Akshay starrers, yet it has everything that spectators look for in masala fares -- a daring hero with loads of heroism, the emotional chord between two brothers and their father, a corrupt cop, the fight between good and evil, a tadka of comedy, hummable soundtrack, clap-trap dialoguebaazi, lots of gravity-defying stunts. In fact, Boss is a fast-moving roller-coaster ride that gives you no time to think. The film transports you to the cinema of yore, when the sole motive of a movie was to please, appease, amuse and entertain the spectators and reap a harvest at the BO. This one does that too: It offers entertainment by the bucketful and celebrates the formula with panache. But a reminder, this movie is not for those who find it fashionable to run down masala films. This one's for those who feast on unadulterated, pure desi entertainers with glee.Much of the film's charm and appeal lies in watching Akshay Kumar playing to the gallery. Sure, Akshay is synonymous with entertainers, but his approach to the character in ‘Boss’ is way different from what he enacted in his earlier masalathons. Clearly, he's the mainstay of the enterprise. Also, he looks much more fresh than his previous fares. All in all, the flick is a full-on masala entertainer that's very clear of its intent. It is designed to magnetize lovers of desi commercial cinema and woo the BO. A must watch!

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