Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) is a widower and a single father who loves his daughter, Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari) more than his own life. They live in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Bhoomi is all set to tie a knot with Neeraj (Sidhant). On the other hand, Vishal (Puru Chhibber), owner of a sweetmeat shop who loves Bhoomi a lot is crazy and obsessive about her and thus wants to marry her. However, when he expresses his love for her and proposes marriage to her just a day before her marriage with Neeraj, Bhoomi spurns his offer and rejects him in a downright manner. This infuriates Vishal as the rejection hit his ego way too hard.


Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar) who is Vishal’s cousin instigates him to rape Bhoomi to seek revenge. Vishal gets convinced by the stupid idea that his cousin had put forth and rapes Bhoomi, after which Dhauli and his associate, Ghulam (Veer Aryan), do the same. Completely tormented and violated, Bhoomi returns home but pretends as if nothing ever happened because she knows this detail will break her father’s heart who she loves a lot. But Bhoomi couldn’t keep this incident hidden for long and she reveals whatever that happened with her to Neeraj when his baaraat procession reaches her house the following day. Shocked and disgusted, Neeraj’s parents force him to call off the marriage with Bhoomi.


A shattered, heartbroken and helpless Arun decides to take the case up at a higher level and knocks the doors of the court but the lawyer (Vibha Chhibber) of the three rapists is hell-bent on proving in the court that Bhoomi is a girl of loose character. Realizing that he would not get justice, and he is just wasting his time, effort and energy, Arun withdraws the court case. The father and daughter resign themselves to their fate but the people around them do not let them forget the horrific incident. As if that were not enough, there’s another revelation which shatters Arun and Bhoomi even more.


This is when Arun swears revenge. Together, he and Bhoomi decide to take law into their own hands. They eliminate the rapists one by one.

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