BADMASHIYAAN, with con-game as the backdrop, fails to keep up with the audience’s attention beyond a few minutes into the film. Though the songs are really good and there are a few laughable moments, the movie is not worth spending money on.

Anuradha Kandhol
Bollywood Life

The songs are really fab. But are they worth wasting time and money at the theaters? Naah! Better to download the songs to your music player and listen on loop, or play the audio jukebox online

Prateek Sur

What’s Good: Well, I would have to really sift through hard enough to find out something good. I can only say Karan Mehra’s comic antics.What’s Bad: Where to start? Terrible plot, topped with some mediocre acting and an even boring soundtrack 

Surabhi Redkar

Only Gunjan Malhotra, who played Arjun Kapoor’s sister in Tevar, displays some spunk in a thankless part. At some point, a character whines about how people excuse themselves under the pretext of going to the washroom and never return to him. Badmashiyaan is one such excuse

Sukanya Verma
Times Of India

If one let’s go off the bad production value and detailing of the film, Badmashiyaan has in store an appeasing climax. Director Amit Khanna executes the insurmountable task of sewing in five stark yet intertwined plots seamlessly. Taking cues from the classic storytelling of Asian rom-coms, the film adapts the set pattern unique to their yarn

Mohar Basu
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