Fast and Fascinating, concluding differently than expected, Badlapur is an inspired film that dangerously attempts to change the landscape of the thriller genre in Bollywood. Varun and Nawaz are at their best and the four heroines capably add spice to this furiously boiling broth. Worth watch. Go for it!

Anuradha Kandhol
Hindustan Times

This twisted revenge saga is Varun Dhawan's best. The brilliant performances and gripping narrative, nonetheless, will keep you hooked. Watch it for Nawazuddin and Varun Dhawan, if nothing else. Certainly worth your time and money.

Sweta Kaushal
India Today

This film has some amazing moments and a lot of credit goes to the director and his actors. Music by Sachin - Jigar works very well specially the song Jee Karda. If you enjoy thrillers then you shouldn't miss Badlapur, you get the watch the best of Varun and Nawaz.

Suhani Singh

Average bollywood revenge dramas thrive on predictability. They rarely, if ever, tamper with the bad guy-good guy construct. Badlapur is an exception. If one can ignore the overt misogyny on show all through the film, Badlapur throws up enough surprises to hold the viewer's interest right until the bitter end.

Saibal Chatterjee

Badlapur is all fury and fog, a revenge saga that plays out with great  eyebrow-singeing intensity. The last one-third of the film drags a bit -- the final lines of dialogue are jarringly laboured, especially compared to the rest of the film’s flawlessness -- but overall this is a stunning, beautifully crafted film.

Raja Sen
The Indian Express

In the way it opens, ‘Badlapur’ is so riveting you don’t even want to blink. You are hooked, by a beginning which is such a brutal shocker that you cannot wait to see how this tale of darkness and promised destruction will pan out. Varun Dhawan gets few things right, Nawazuddin makes his highly-dramatised criminal a treat.

Shubhra Gupta
Times of India

Badlapur is a gobsmacking movie that suffuses on screen - a deftly written story, spectacular performances and an intelligently layered screenplay. What works best here is the film's unpredictability. Added to it, Sachin-Jigar's haunting music adds a piercing quality.

Mohar Basu
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