Baby is a temporary task force headed by Feroz Khan formed in response to the 2008 Mumbai attacks whose job is to find and eliminate terrorists who are planning attacks in India.


Ajay Singh Rajput captures a traitor Jamal who formerly worked under Ajay and threatens to kill his family unless he gives them the information about their terror attack plans on India. Ajay is told about a terrorist plot to cause a bomb blast in a Delhi mall which he and Jai are able to prevent. In the process, they learn that this was only the first, of a series of massive attacks that had been planned. Pakistan based terrorist mastermind, Maulana, is causing trouble near the India-Pakistan border. He plans and executes a daring prison escape plan for Bilal Khan. A team of officers is dispatched to interrogate Taufiq who is an ISI agent posing as a local leader. Ajay manages to get information on their local contacts after torturing him. They go to their hideout, but things go haywire when all of the squad members on the mission except Ajay are killed in an explosion. To collect further information from a terrorist logistics planner in Nepal, Ajay and officer Shabana Khan travel to Nepal pretending to be husband and wife. Their plan to capture the terrorist Wasim Khan goes wrong when Wasim finds out that Shabana is, in fact, an undercover officer.


Feroz sends Ajay, Jai, and Shukla to meet their deep asset Ashfaq in Saudi Al-Dera where Bilal Khan is holding meetings to discuss the funding and execution of their plans. Ajay and Jai crack into Bilal's room with the help of Shukla and manage to kill Bilal. As they are about to return, they find that Maulana is also at the suite. Jai knocks him out and they decide to bring Maulana back to India. For successfully bringing in Maulana, Baby is given permanent status and the team celebrates it.

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| 23 Jan 2015