‘A Scandall’ is about a 9 year old girl Kuhu, who drowns in a lake in Nainital. Soon after, her father Manav falls off a cliff but lives on to lead a strange life of hallucinations and complete metamorphosis. Manav now sees his dead daughter. When a film school pass out guy Vidhu hears this story from his girlfriend Koya, he finds it interesting enough to turn it into a film. A small crew of four set out for Nainital, hoping to film paranormal activities going around Kuhu's family. Little did they know that their exploits will lead them into a quagmire of incest, sex and an unsolved murder mystery. The flick is a horror-cum-murder mystery that fails to scandalise the audience. What keeps you hooked is the anticipation of truth and a mysterious back-story. But the poor and confused execution plays a loophole in ‘A Scandall’. You witness a repetition of insignificant kissing scenes among the love triangle. Also, the steamy songs are unnecessarily induced just to raise the sex quotient. Death, depression, incest, sex, possession, too many issues are put together which make it more perplexed than interesting. Also, poor writing and inappropriate dialogues evoke unintentional humour. If we talk about the performance, then debutant Johnny Baweja shows some potential with his acting skills and might get some good film in the near future, whereas the lead actress Reeth fails to impress the audience. She is merely used for the glamour factor and keeps shedding her clothes every now and then. All in all, “too many cooks spoil the broth” is the apt phrase that defines the movie. The mash-up of genres and the immature handling plays a complete spoilsport and thus you can give the movie a miss! 

A Scandall
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