Fly High! Taapsee Pannu’s Thailand vacation will make you pack your bags as well!

Taapsee Pannu’s success graph started soaring more and more after the movie ‘Pink’ and immediately she became the B-Town's new favourite. Her recent release film ‘Naam Shabana’ has given her the critically acclaimed actress title and did fine at the ticket window as well. And yes, now is the time for a much needed break!

So keeping that in mind, Taapsee along with her sister Shagun Pannu and a few close friends took off to Koh Samui, Bangkok for a girls-day-out. She has gone for a 5-day long trip and will be celebrating her sister’s birthday there as well. Her Instagram account is filled with her mini holiday pictures which are sure to make you jealous!

Take a look…



Hasta la vista Samui ! #tapctravels

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Oh man! Taapsee Pannu is having a blast with her “Girl Gang”!!



OMG! Look at those cute-colourful slippers..! She’s surely having a hell of a time shopping at Koh Samui; are you in a holiday mood too? Well, we surely are!



Gala time for Taapsee! She is so daring to do such a stunt! Wanna try?



The days when you are allowed to be stupid and goofy! #girlstrip #KohSamui #tapctravels

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Wow..! Isn’t Taapsee and her gang giving us some major BFF goals? You go girl!

We are already having a lot of fun seeing these amazing pictures, what about you? So girls and guys, get going and enjoy a Summer getaway in Koh Samui.

Taapsee will soon join Varun Dhawan in London for their next rom-com ‘Judwaa 2’ which will definitely be one of the most awaited films of 2017! The movie also features Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead role, and Varun will be seen in the double role (remember Salman from Judwaa, right?). Directed by David Dhawan, Judwaa 2 is slated to release on 29th September, 2017. Are you excited to watch this superb sequel? Share your views with Bollypedia in the comments section below.

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