Is Sussane trying to rekindle the old flame with Arjun Rampal?

Sussanne Khan had created a distance between herself and Arjun Rampal, after rumours of the two’s closeness were linked to her divorce. Rumour mills had gone crazy with pictures and news of Arjun and Susanne going on dinner dates, and spending cozy evenings together.

When Hrithik announced that divorce was on the cards for Sussanne and him, some speculated it was due to Sussanne’s drug addiction, some said Hrithik’s infidelity was the reason, but most said, Sussanne’s closeness to Arjun Rampal, had created the rift. While, Sussanne, and the Rampals maintained a dignified silence on it, the gossip mongers pushed them a little more.


Is Sussanne trying to rekindle the old flame with Arjun Rampal?


Finally, Sussanne spoke up and said in an interview, “Mehr and Arjun are like family to me and we have this beautiful relationship and are so close. They have been with me through thick and thin and it hurts me that every time I have a dinner or an outing with them, it is made out to be an ugly story, and it's concocted and changed around to suit some nasty person to make us look like undignified, irresponsible and horrible people. We kept saying to ourselves, we know what we are, let it go, but it kept going on and on and on.”

But over time. The Rampals and Sussanne were drawn apart by these rumours. Now, however, it looks like the distress might be over in this friendship, and the trio might be ready to ignore the tabloids and start fresh. Sussanne, who had maintained her distance from Arjun till now, has recently liked his poster for the movie Daddy, which releases September 8.

Does this mean an old flame will be rekindled and we’ll see the duo out and about in the city? Only time will tell.