Noor Promotions: Sonakshi uses Social Media at its best!

Ever since Sonakshi Sinha’s film Noorºs first trailer is released, she is really the talk of the town. Also, the 29-year-old actress is known for various female-driven roles in her Bollywood career like Akira and Force 2. With the movie Noor, Sonakshi is in a new light and she sees a lot of things common between her real and reel life.

Noor is a film based on a bestselling novel ‘Karachi, You’re Killing Me’ authored by Saba Imtiaz. The movie tells a tale of an ordinary Mumbai-based journalist, Noor, who has a notorious personal and professional life and she sails her way through the hardships. The most extraordinary thing about the movie is its unique style of promotions, which are making us more anxious to watch it. Sonakshi and her amazing team have started posting some few minute videos showcasing the life of this “ordinary” 20-something girl who is living in the maximum city.

In the trailer itself, Noor is introduced as a “joker journalist” who wants to cover some really serious stories but is forced to cover Sunny Leone. Noor is finding it hard to believe what a clumsy girl she is. In fact, everyone knows that Noor is the only one who finds her way to some really absurd situations all the time. And the “hilarious” promotional videos also talk about the same in the most creative way!

Take a look at them and keep guessing Noor.

[P.S. – Girls, you’ll so much relate Noor to your true life story!!]

Wonder what Noor does in the office..? Sneak into her cabin…



LOL! We’re sure you also beat the office sleep with this, right? Are you a foodie? Well, you’re definitely Noor!



Your society “aunties” pressurize you for marriage? Well, Noor faces the similar situations as well…



Are you guys relatively similar? Share your feedback! Noor’s boss wants her to cover “Page 3” and she’s screwed to hell. This is what happens to her when she meets an awkwardly stylish celebrity!



Sounds fun, isn’t it? Do you find yourself on the similar plains as that of Noor? See this and find out!



You think so..? Comments, please! Do you hate your job… or your boss? Ask Noor!



Having work woes…, you can’t hide away from it! And the last but not the least, wanna know the secret to happiness? Well, Noor has a song written just for you. Listen up!



Yeah! It is the Noor Buzz-Feed on the go!

We are sure that Noor is the story of all those girls who are curious to know where their life is heading towards. Do you agree with us? Share your views with us and let us know if you can relate yourself completely with Noor.

Directed by Sunhil Sippy, Noor is scheduled for a worldwide release on April 21st, 2017. Stay tuned with the Bollypedia to know all the updates regarding the movie world.

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