Did Sidharth and Alia break it off because of his chemistry with Jacqueline?

Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra have been all over the news for quite some time now because of their upcoming release - A Gentleman. More than the film, it’s their sizzling chemistry that is being spoken about, at a great length. In fact, an incident recently took place between the duo that might have scarred Alia Bhatt. The duo was shooting a kissing scene for their movie when they got a little too engrossed in it and didn’t stop even after the director had called for a cut. But, no harm done as both the actors were equally engrossed, and one hadn’t forced themselves upon the other.

But where does that leave our cute little Alia? For all those who are worried about her love life, here is some welcome respite from the tension. Alia is doing very well in her relationship with Mr. Malhotra, whatever its status might be.


Did Sidharth and Alia break it off because of his chemistry with Jacqueline?


The Jacqueline-Sidharth link-ups are no more than frantic efforts to boost the potential ticket sales of their new action-comedy. A source informed a leading daily, “Sidharth Malhotra’s last film Baar Baar Dekho was a disaster. He doesn’t want to take any chances. He desperately needs a hit. He’s leaving no stone unturned to ensure A Gentleman is a success.”

Ironically Alia’s gone on to give hits with Malhotra’s closest rival Varun Dhawan. Malhotra is yet to form a dependable couple with any heroine. Sources from A Gentleman team say the actor is hoping he has finally met his match in Jacqueline Fernandez. On screen, that is.

The same source then revealed, “Both Varun and Siddharth started off as Karan Johar’s blue-eyed boy. But Varun raced ahead. You think that doesn’t bother Sidharth? Of course, it does! Sidharth is looking for a hit. And kissing Jacqueline until her lips go blue is part of the strategy.” Apparently, stories of their lengthy kiss are being planted everywhere in the media. “The truth is about 70 percent of the kissing scene has been censored. But the film’s team is denying it. They want prospective audiences to storm in at any cost.”

Well, we really do hope all this hard work does pay off for Sidharth Malhotra, and he gets both, money and his honey soon! 

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