Oomph Alert! Rana Daggubati looks so desirable on Maxim’s cover!

The man of the hour and the muscle maniac, Rana Daggubati is the next handsome hunk in India with an unmatched body and a big heart. He can amuse you with his acting skills and killer looks. And guess what, the Maxim magazine has perfectly captured Rana’s attitude which will surely make you drool over him once and for all.

A few hours back itself, Maxim shared a tantalising video showcasing the right amount of style which speaks a thousand words about Rana. His incredibly hot features will make your knees go weak and your eyes stuck on him. Take a look at it and feel the heat!



Surely, Rana loves adventure and the camera lenses love Rana…, isn’t it?

Are you not over him? Well, look at some of these hot pictures…



Wanna go on a jeep ride with him? We’d love to! Rana knows how to carry his superb attitude so effortlessly. Isn’t he hotter than the Summer temperature? We so love his style…, are you?



And that's a fancy cover to be on ;) Thank you #MaximIndia #RanaforMaxim

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Of course Rana, you’re every inch fancy!!

He is everything “good” a girl might be looking for in her ultimate lover…, what say?

On the work front, Rana will be featured with the full gang of Baahubali for his up next “Baahubali – The Conclusion” which is going to be a mammoth smasher at the box office! The most awaited 2017 film is slated to release worldwide on 28th April 2017. Are you excited to watch the film on the big 70 mm screen? We’re sure that, you’ve waited far too long for Baahubali’s sequel, and it’s just a few days ahead! Share your feelings with us in the comments section below.

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