Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!

Ram Leela was the first time Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone shared the screen. Since then, Bollywood got a couple, that was a sure shot success for a film. Their sizzling chemistry brought them close in real life as well as reel life, and they became the most in-demand pair for any producer or director.

The movie was the adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet, but with a desi twist.

The movie had a modern village, which had sexting villagers, who were caught in the prolonged war between two families.

With such a concept, Ram-Leela surely taught us a lot, and the following were the most important life lessons from the movie.


Everything but sex before marriage!


Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!


Deepika refuse to have sex with Ranveer Singh in Ram-Leela, because they haven’t married yet and it’s against their “sanskar”. They are the same people who kissed on their first meeting. Anyway, they don’t even get to have sex after marriage, and die regretting their virginity, maybe Deepika should have taken up the offer earlier.


Switch off that damn phone!


Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!


If you’re running from someone who would probably hurt you, switch off your damn phone you fool. Get a burner phone, go underground, just switch that thing off. It was sheer stupidity of the seemingly tech-savvy characters, to let their phone have them located before they could consummate their marriage.


Don’t agree to be the leaders of enemy clans!


Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!


We get not being able to stay together, even after being married. But what would make it worse is, if, you decided to become the torchbearers of enemy clans whose one sole motive is to kill their opposition. Nothing kills a marriage more than the husband and wife launching attack on each other’s families.


Don’t kill your spouse’s brother!


Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!


It’s honestly amazing how this needs to be taught to people! It is never okay to kill your spouse’s brother, or any other relative. We get that they might be frustrated with the shrill voice, and dumb demands, but, it would still be a crime to kill them. Trust us, your wife won’t appreciate a dead brother, nor would your husband.


Suicide? No need to rush


Ram-Leela gave us these 5 life lessons and bonus facts!


Maybe, just maybe, count your options. Killing yourself should really be the last choice. Try killing everyone against your love first. Or maybe just run away like last time, and switch off that damn phone this time. And if someone is relentlessly knocking your door, just ask them what’s wrong, without opening it, maybe people have had a change of heart.


Bonus fact!


Don’t just sign anything without reading it. Tv serials have been warning us about property theft that happens when people sign papers without seeing. Ram-Leela just takes things one notch higher, with, killing several people by just one sign.

Here’s a video by Filmfare, of how Ram-Leela would be if Ranbir Kapoor played Ram.



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