Raag Desh: Poor direction takes away the essence of this movie!

Raagdesh movie review: Poor direction takes away the essence of this movie!


The movie of the story revolves around the INA trials of pre independence India. The Trials were held at the red fort and three INA officers Major General Shah Nawaz Khan, Lt Col Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon and Lt Col Prem Sahgal were court-martialled for allegedly waging war against the British Indian Army between September to 1942 and April 1945 with charges of murder and abetment to murder against them.

Raagdesh tells this forgotten story from the bag of Indian Freedom Fighters. The story could have been beautifully directed, but something along the way caused the direction to loose track. The beginning was promising, though towards the end the story would have completely fallen apart if not for the amazing acting by Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh, Mohit Marwah, Mrudula Murali, andKeneth Desai.

The actors look freakishly similar to the freedom fighters, whose roles they are portraying, and that could have been the strongest point of the movie, had the direction been as strong as the actors’ hold on their characters.

It was a story that hadn’t been covered before, but this half hearted attempt made us wonder why it did not need to be covered unless a tight script had been produced.

Bollypedia rating: 1.5/ 5 stars