Priyanka Chopra gets candid, spills her secrets

The ‘Quantico’ star Priyanka Chopra, in a recent talk with a leading daily spoke about her personal life, her fears and much more. The ever so beautiful, PeeCee was at her candid best and made quite a few revelations about herself.

Read on to find out what was the last lie that Priyanka said, and what is that one question that she hates to answer.

PeeCee was asked about the last picture she clicked, she said, “I adopted a dog recently. Her name is Diana, she is adorable and I was doing a photo shoot and I don’t know what it is about her, but she just kept snuggling beside me and I couldn’t let her go back. So, I got her home. I am just obsessed about clicking pictures with her.”

Priyanka Chopra’s blood group is O+ve and she thinks she can give blood to the whole world and some people are born just to do that.

The gorgeous actress was asked about the last lie she told. She said, “I woke up late because I was late on set as usual. That is my every morning lie.”

PeeCee says that, it wouldn’t matter to her if she was attractive or ugly; she’d make the most of it as far as she’s young enough.


Priyanka Chopra gets candid, spills her secrets


When asked if she could have personally witnessed something what would it have been? She said, “I would have liked to witness India’s independence.”

Priyanka would feel so disgusted if she had to wake up and look at someone else’s body.

“When people attach the lines, “How you are feeling?” with every situation and asks “Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?” I usually reply, “Mujhe bhookh lag rahi hai, thandi lag rahi hai.”” This is the one question that PeeCee hates to answer.

When asked, if you could be any age for a week, what age would you choose to be and why? She said, “34. I’m great right now.”

Priyanka talks on having a brainwashing machine and says that if she tells us whom she would brainwash, she’d probably have to kill us after that.

PeeCee was asked about the longest she’s gone without sleep? She said, “Ten days is the longest I have gone without sleep. I think, at the beginning of my career. There was some date clash in 2005 or 2006 and I was shooting about four films together. I remember ‘Aitraaz’ was one of them, ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ was the other, I don’t remember the other two films. There were four films, and all of their sets were put in Filmistan and I was doing one climax in Film City. I was doing five shifts every day.”


Priyanka Chopra gets candid, spills her secrets


When asked about looking good on screen and acting side by side without sleep, she said, “Yes. And act and remember lines of all your characters. I used to come down to Mumbai when I was shooting Bajirao during Quantico just to shoot on Sunday and then go back and then land and then go straight to work. You have to find ways to train your body. I have a quick fix for jet lag. Whenever you get on to a long flight you have to time your sleep according to the country you are going to land in. Because once you land, then you are on that cycle.”

She was also asked about that one habit she’s proud of breaking or wants to break? She said, “Not reaching on time. I haven’t broken any bad habits. I am very bad; I have lots of bad habits. So one thing I want to do is get healthy which I am not but I want to be able to... I don’t work out, eat right, I just get coffee and forget to eat sometimes, I want to try and get healthy. A lot of my friends have done that and at the same time I want to try and sleep on time. I am a vampire I think.”

‘What are you saying’ is what Priyanka says a lot and is one of her favourite lines. She likes to eat eggs, toast and dosa and her hero is her mother. Priyanka also revealed that her best friend Tamanna, is the only person besides her family whom she trusts blindly.

She also thinks, “She could spend a lifetime to know who she is because change is the most constant thing in life. As soon as you get to know who you are today, tomorrow you’ll think, ‘Oh really?’ You are going to keep spending your whole life in figuring that out.”


Priyanka Chopra gets candid, spills her secrets


PeeCee admires musicians a lot, so she would have liked to spend some time with Mohammad Rafi, as she grew up listening to his music. And, also Bruce Springsteen is another celebrity she would like to spend her time with.

Priyanka thinks she resembles Eva Mendes and she thinks Victoria’s Secret looks great in lingerie. That’s quite a revelation, though!

Priyanka would love to get trapped in the TV show ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ as it offered great food and great drama and what else would anybody want from their family, she said.

She was also asked about her last shopping, to which she said, “I bought a diamond necklace for myself.”

Priyanka told that she’d like to join the circus and would like to be a Trapeze artist because she thinks they are beautiful and she miss dancing.

Lastly, she spilled the beans on the weirdest thing about her. She said “The weirdest thing about me is that I am extremely comfortable with being weird. I am okay with who I am. However, there is nothing weird as such about me. In any case, my friends will be able to answer that better.”

Well, we love her for being so honest and also showing her candid side to us. What are your thoughts about her after reading this interview? Let us know in the comments section below!

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