Poorna: A grasping story with an impressive narration!

Poorna: A grasping story with an impressive narration!




Based on true events, Poorna is a movie about a tribal girl who dared to do something way too extraordinary and climbed the majestic Mt. Everest. In the flatlands of a newly developed state. In Telangana lives a family who is deprived of the basic amenities of life. Poorna Malavath (Aditi Inamdar), a 13-year-old tribal girl is born to a poor farmer family and she is destined to get married at an early age. The movie starts with a brief picturization of her life and the way she gels with her sister Priya (S. Mariya). She is asked to sweep the school floors and do the dishes as well. The way she humorously laughs about their starvation and still stay happy, is just amazing. Priya encourages her to join a school and there Poorna gets the opportunity of rock climbing. Fate brought her in contact with an honest IAS officer, Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar (Rahul Bose) who motivates her to join the Mt. Everest camp. Meanwhile Priya is forced into marriage, but she successfully manages to get a “yes” from Poorna’s parents to let her pursue her dreams, and Poorna enjoys singlehood. Poorna meets her climbing coach/mentor Sekhar Babu (Gyanendra Tripathi). While on the Mt. Everest expedition, Poorna catches fire, but her willpower moves her forward.


Thumbs-Up Moments


Poorna is a new experience from the starting till the end. The mix of English, Hindi and Telugu languages in the dialogues works pretty good for the movie as Poorna lives in Telangana. The film has hit the right notes by showcasing the helplessness of the tribal families and the mounting pressure of the bureaucracy. Aditi as Poorna has delivered a par excellence performance with such natural expressions which will make you feel that she’s the real hero! The scenes between Aditi and Rahul Bose will inspire you every moment, and it’s probably the best part of the whole story.


Thumbs-Down Moments


Well, amongst so many positives, there are some let-down moments too. The story of Poorna is too much fictional. The realistic hint is somewhere lost in the movie, which might disconnect you from the plot. This special biopic didn’t have to do with the clichéd Bollywood-ish drama, but sadly you’ll see a lot of them making this movie an untrue biography. Rahul Bose is exceptionally well, but he really brought-down his character with a fake Telugu accent which wasn’t impressive at all.




Poorna is the return of Rahul Bose as a thoughtful director after a long gap of 15 years, and he has justified himself in a much better way as a director who wants a new story to be heard. Attempting to capture a lot of unknown intricacies in Poorna’s life, Rahul has travelled a lesser known path, and has opened the doors for many other creative directors to push their limits. But still, he could have cut-down on a few dramatic events and focused more on the eventful mountain expedition.




A powerful music created by Salim-Sulaiman accentuates the whole movie into two-folds, and we get chills just with the grand background score of Poorna. Kudos to them!




Bollywood has lately got inspired from a lot of inspirational leaders and record-makers. The female-centric portrayal and triumph-against-odds nature is so clearly shown in the movie, how Poorna Malawath rose from a dusty Telangana village to conquering the highest peak in the world. The scared-yet-strong-willed Poorna will delight you all the time, and you might just get inspired to climb the iconic Everest! There are a lot of scenes which will make you laugh, cry and show anger, yes Rahul Bose will take you on an emotional tour for sure. All in all, Poorna is a large-hearted film telling; the tale of courage than just another routine underdog film. Of course, there are a few gripes, but they’ll not offset the overall impact. It is a must watch!


Bollypedia Rating – 3.5/ 5 stars

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