Noor gives a dramatic check on a Page 3 journalist’s life!

Noor gives a dramatic check on a Page 3 journalist’s life!



Based on Saba Imtiaz’s novel ‘Karachi! You Are Killing Me’, Noor is a story about the misadventure of a quirky and clumsy journalist Noor Roy Chaudhary who believes that she can change the game of her life through her job, but all she gets is the interview of Sunny Leone or a man who can walk on his bare hands. Her life is messed up with a decaying house, crazy father (M. K. Raina), egoistic cat, weight issues, the lack-of-men life and a sadist boss. But the one thing which is good in her life is her close-knit friendship with Saad (Kanan Gill) and Zara (Shibani Dandekar). Noor’s office purely generates entertainment and freak-show stories, which upsets her because she wants to pursue “issue-based broadcast journalism” and it is completely absent. She bumps into a handsome photojournalist Ayan (Purab Kohli) and immediately she crushes on this 40-something guy. But, lesser did she know that her life is going to change forever when her house maid Malti (Smita Tambe) shows her a video tape which exposes a big shocking scam. She gets so much involved in it that she wants to know the bitter truth of it. She wants her editor to expose the news, but he rejects to help. That’s when she gets fed-up and yells a monologue - Mumbai You’re Killing Me!


Thumbs-Up Moments


The movie is not a typical romantic clichéd theme, and it actually ponders the viewers to run their gray cells. Sonakshi Sinha’s fresh performance after the action hero tag films (Akira and Force 2) will delight you. Moreover, a lot of girls can easily relate to Noor’s character of her daily life in an urban city. The movie inflicts a lot of emotions and has a message which was delivered quite aptly.


Thumbs-Down Moments


Sonakshi in and as Noor delivered an average performance as a Page 3 journalist, but she couldn’t justify her role in all the frames correctly. There were a lot of moments where Sonakshi could have given another shot to get her expressions right. Also, the movie has a lot of unrealistic-fictional elements which may cut-down your interest in watching the film. The movie reminds so much of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Page 3’ and we couldn’t help ourselves to compare Sonakshi with Konkona Sen Sharma.




Sunhil Sippy’s effort of making a movie out of the novel was not an excellent move, but he did explain a lot of inner world of the entertainment industry. The director has acquired a thoughtful ensemble of cast including the gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha, the social media comedian Kanan Gill and the handsome Purab Kohli. Teaming up with Keiko Nakahara (cinematographer), Sunhil has captured a raw-grungy part of Mumbai with some real trendy locations (pubs and restaurants) and the slum area where Noor’s maid lives.




One of the reasons that Noor will appeal to you is its music part. Amaal Malik has composed Noor’s upbeat music, and it is already on the top charts. The movie has in total seven songs including the bubbly title track “Uff Yeh Noor”, reprised version of “Gulabi Ankhein” (a turn-off) and “Move Your Lakk” (peppy number worth dancing into) which also features Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah.




Noor is a light-hearted drama film featuring the very confusing life of Noor Roy Choudhary (Sonakshi Sinha), and once again Sonakshi is single handedly holding the responsibility of the film. But, she definitely has done a great job in the film. The best part of the whole story is that wherever Sonakshi aka. Noor was failing, the supporting casts helped her to gain pace. Kanan Gill and Shibani Dandekar were the two big pillars who will delight you with their time-based comedy. Also, Smita Tambe’s second half screen time will grip you into the seriousness of the matter. Noor’s social commentary and the search for truth is heavy-handed which might turn you off because it fails to connect to the audience. All in all, a little more effort from the protagonist could have helped in the film’s story line, but it will be a good change from the usual comedy and romance films for sure.


Bollypedia Rating: 2/ 5 stars

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