Maatr – A hard hitting reality of a vengeful mother will haunt you!

Maatr – A hard hitting reality of a vengeful mother will haunt you!



When there is a movie made on the emerging rape cases and a woman is single handedly fighting against the whole system, the impact double-folds! Maatr is a similar film, which is about a mother who wants justice and can go to any extent in executing the criminals. The story is about an idealistic school teacher Vidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) who resides in Delhi. She is the mother of Tia (Alisha Khan) and has a rather disturbed personal life with her husband, but she manages to handle everything with a smile. On a fateful day, Vidya and her daughter are allegedly abducted and gang raped by the minister’s son (Madhur Mittal) along with his uncle and a few friends who were soaked in the haze of drunks and drugs. Vidya is taken to the hospital and the moment she recovers, she gets hit by an appalling reality that Tia is no more. Dejected by the loose police and the society, she takes the system in her hands and swears to take revenge from the rapists. Vidya’s one and only support is her friend Ritu (Divya Jagdale) One by one, Vidya plans to hunt down the killers very tactfully. Whether she gets successful in completing her vengeance, forms the rest of the story.


Thumbs-Up Moments


The first and the foremost, Maatr has a very powerful star cast and every person has given a startling performance, including Raveena Tandon who has come to the big screen after a very long time (almost 11 years). As a broken, vulnerable and vengeful mother, raven Tandon nails it. Also, Madhur Mittal as the heinous criminal makes it big in the film, and you’ll really wish to see him dead since the commencement of the film. We were really bowled-over his performance.


Thumbs-Down Moments


Maatr has a lot of positives, but it really lacks on the editing and storytelling. Thereafter, it also slackens on the lazy writing and an unnecessary rush to reach the climax ASAP. Especially when Vidya plans to kill all the Raveena in a very tactful manner, picks all the seven ‘Delhi ke bigde hue kids’ and decides their assassination. The operative word in the last sentence is ‘tactful’ which has completely been ignored. In an attempt to jump into the conclusion, the director compromised on every front. How she plots the executions, how she emerges unscathed every time, how a simple-living teacher deceives the police every time, and don’t forget there are a few more ‘hows’ than these.




Maatr marks Ashtar Sayed’s debut in direction, and because of the inexperience the movie falters in a lot of frames throughout the 113 minutes. He couldn’t harness the theme properly and clearly it is a missed opportunity as Maatr had the capacity to be a taut pacy thriller flick.




The music of Maatr is definitely giving a push into the movie, which is created by the melodious team of Fuzon (Pakistani Sufi rock band). One of the most loved songs of Maatr is “Zindagi Ae Zindagi” which is a soulful track sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.




True that, there’ve been a number of movies on the rape victim and activists, but the crude and bloody truth showed in Maatr is a gruesome and it will shock you. Maatr is entirely on the shoulders of Raveena Tandon, and probably because of her long gap from acting career, her acting couldn’t justify Vidya’s role. Also, the most confusing part of the film was the role of Vidya’s husband, which wasn’t explained the way it should. The murders planned by Vidya will roll over your mind because they are very illogical and unreal. You can easily decipher the climax as it is more in the lines of the thriller movies made during the 80’s. All in all, Raveena’s “vengeful and hurt” mother character was underplayed because of thoughtless execution. If you are really looking forward to seeing Raveena on the big screen, do visit the film, otherwise just sit on your couches and watch some other similar Bollywood thrillers.


Bollypedia Rating: 1.5/ 5 stars

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