Katrina and Game Of Thrones, is India excited?

Katrina and Game Of Thrones, is India excited?


Katrina Kaif has a wish and a love, and she just recently revealed both. We all know the love that Game Of Thrones fans has for the show. You try calling it anything but good in front of a fan, and they will be ready to shred you to pieces. Looks like Katrina might be aboard this wagon as well. The actress revealed in an Instagram post, yesterday, how much she loved the show.

And like any clichéd GOT fan, her favourite character is Jon Snow. If her caption is to be believed, Jon Snow isn’t just her favourite character, but also the leading lady’s true love. The actress also wishes to be cast in the show. Well. We don’t mean to be rude, but honestly, she might need a few years before she can act to the same standards as the GOT cast.

Here is the post that Kat made on Instagram.



She does pull off the look right!

Apart from the acting, Kat would make a sexy mother of the dragons.

Katrina was recently seen shooting with Salman, on the sets of Tiger Zinda Hai, a sequel to the hit, Ek Tha Tiger. She also has a film lined up with the other two Khans. She will be seen in The Thugs Of Hindostan opposite Aamir, Amitabh, and Dangal girl Fatima. With Shahrukh, her project is still untitled and also stars Anushka Sharma.

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