Commando 2 faces a low opening weekend despite of huge expectations!

Commando 2 faces a low opening weekend despite of huge expectations!

Helmed by Deven Bhojani, ‘Commando 2’ released this Friday (3rd March) featuring Vidyut Jammwal and Adah Sharma. The viewers were quite excited to watch the film because of the superb response of its prequel ‘Commando’ (2013).

But the film performed average in the opening weekend and it grossed at Rs. 15.75 Crore in these three days, which is pretty decent (but not commendable). Sunday saw the highest grossing in the first weekend with Rs. 6.19 Crore box office collection on that day. The debut director couldn’t convey the crux of the film properly and it didn’t run as expected. The film was released in 2200 theatres and multiplexes, but the viewers and critics has not many positive points to say about Commando 2.

Have a look at the day-wise breakup of the box office collections:

Day 1 (Friday)  – Rs. 5.14 Crore

Day 2 (Saturday)  – Rs. 4.42 Crore

Day 3 (Sunday) – Rs. 6.19 Crore

Total collection – Rs. 15.75 Crore

The action film ‘Commando 2’ shows the return of Vidyut Jammwal as Captain Karan Singh Dogra and he has once again won many hearts in the sequel. Targeting the black money hoarders, Karan along with a team of specialists are on the go to find the mafia in Malaysia and bring him back to India. Undoubtedly, Vidyut is heading towards a sexy action star and he says, I love doing action and I believe am very good at it. Would you mind being number one at anything you do? I don’t have a problem with an image of being the best action hero. It’s a conscious effort to do best action films. Commando has got a lot of romance also. I recently shot for Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Yaara which is a romantic drama. I am doing a lot of stuff other than action based movies. But doing ‘action’ movies are the love of my life.”

We are hoping for a positive response in the coming week. How did you like the film> Do let us know in the comments section below.

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