Call For fun, is hardly any fun

Call For fun, is hardly any fun



The movie follows a young boy Yash (Zaan Khan), as he goes from being the popular college stud to a total workplace dud. His dad owns a call center business and since his son has come of age to take over, he decides to take a much-deserved break and leaves for the US. While his father chose a conservative way of running things, Yash believes in being the first one to get the job done. Within the first 20 minutes of the film, Yash manages to scare away all his father's clients and ends up bankrupting the call center. But he has a way out. He starts a raunchy, adult hotline where men call-in and talks dirty. His friends Anu (Shubhangi Mehrotra) and Sush (Charu Asopa) pool in with the dirty talk business and he almost makes up all the money as another tragedy strikes. Now he has to make twice the amount and pay back the dreaded gangster Daabla Supari (Linesh Fanse).



The movie, full of Loopholes, does manage a few laughs out of the audiences. The jokes, as few as they may be, are good, and the movie could have benefited from some more of them. However, it kills us how the movie shifts track to a completely different genre. At one point, it is an adult comedy and at the other, it’s about being there for the adults i.e. the senior citizens of our community.

Yes, it does touch on a sad subject in a fun quirky manner but the way it transitions from one subject to the other is not seamless and might also seem a little forced. The performances are average, considering, these actors have all tried their hand at Bollywood before and have not made it through a certain glass ceiling for average performers.

Director Toprangi manages a few almost exceptional moments in this 30 minutes too long film. What could have shut down a little earlier and made tolerable, has been stretched out more than its capacity, to make the movie Call For Fun. A far-fetched flimsy story and a preachy ending make this one a passable piece of cinema.


Bollypedia rating: 0.5/ 5 Stars