Looks like Ayushmann Khurrana is having insecurities and getting jealous of Rajkummar

Ayushmann Khurrana says an actor can be a part of a two-hero film if the script is good and doesn’t see any problem in that. That’s pretty rare we must add, but is he being completely honest about it? In his latest, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Ayushmann is sharing screen space with Rajkummar Rao for the first time. And we all know what a gem of an actor Rao is.


Looks like Ayushmann Khurrana is having insecurities and getting jealous of Rajkummar


Ayushmann says, “I’ve never done a two-hero film and its okay to do it. In Vicky Donor, Anu Kapoor, I thought, had a more author-backed role than me. But he wasn’t my contemporary, Rajkummar is. But if the script is good, then why not. Once in a while, it’s good to do a two hero film.” The actor says he was the one who suggested Rajkummar’s name for the film, despite knowing that his character will get all the appreciation.

“I love him (Rajkummar) as a person and an actor. I was the one who suggested his name for the character. His role is more author-backed than mine. I knew he will get all the good reviews for acting in the film. I won’t be surprised if they say ‘he stole the show’ because his role is like that, transition from a meek to an aggressive guy. I trigger that change but he is doing it,” the actor adds. Well, we are not sure if Ayushmann is concealing his jealousy and insecurity behind the good-guy mask, but it seems to be working for him.

When someone asked him how he truly felt about Rajkummar, he said, “We are similar in a way, but the kind of films we’ve done are slightly different. He has done mostly alternate cinema, I’ve done a mix of both. My films are somewhere in between good commercial success and are also content-based. I’ve always looked up to Rajkummar because he is so versatile.” Does he look up to Rajkummar because he does not consider him a commercial competition? Maybe.

Well, be it Rajkummar’s acting or Ayushmann’s, whatever helps in making Bareilly Ki Barfi a success, we are sure the team would highly appreciate it. After all, if a film succeeds, everyone wins.